Family Residence Visa in Dubai UAE


Want more info on Family Visa? Here are the FAQs about Family Visa in the UAE.

Why should I choose Virtual Pro for my family visa in UAE?
At Virtual Pro, we prioritize your family's well-being and understand the emotional significance of reuniting with your loved ones. Our highly skilled professionals ensure a smooth and reliable visa application process, making us the trusted choice for families in the UAE.
What documents are required for sponsoring a visa for my wife or children?
To sponsor a family visa in the UAE, you will typically need documents such as a typed application form, a salary certificate (for government employees), bank statements, an attested tenancy contract, an Emirates ID card, a marriage certificate (attested), birth certificates for children (certified), passports, medical check-up reports, and passport-size photos. Our expert team at Virtual Pro will guide you through the specific document requirements and assist you in preparing a comprehensive application.
Can Virtual Pro help me sponsor a family visa for my business partner in the UAE?
Yes, Virtual Pro can assist you in sponsoring a family visa for your business partner in the UAE. Our services extend to helping you gather the necessary documents, including typed application forms, bank statements, license and MOU proof, medical check-up reports, Emirates ID, and insurance.
Are there any specific professions eligible for a family visa in Dubai?
The government of Dubai does not impose limitations on specific professions for family visas. As long as you meet the salary requirements and eligibility criteria of a particular job, you can apply for a family visa through Virtual Pro, regardless of your profession.
What documents are required for sponsoring a family visa for an employee?
To sponsor a family visa for an employee, you will typically need an entry permit, a labor contract, valid passport copies, passport-size photos, medical check-up reports, an Emirates ID, and insurance. Virtual Pro will ensure you have all the necessary documents in order to proceed with the application.
What is the procedure for obtaining a family visa in Dubai?
The procedure for obtaining a family visa in Dubai involves submitting a typed application form, an entry visa copy, a medical certificate, and other required documents to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai. Virtual Pro will guide you through each step, including medical tests, visa stamping, Emirates ID procedures, and changing the visa status from temporary to residency.
How long is a family visa valid in Dubai?
A family visa in Dubai is typically valid for 2-3 years, with the option for renewal. Virtual Pro advises you to renew your family visa within 30 days of its expiration to avoid any complications. Our team can assist you in the renewal process and ensure a seamless transition.
Whom can I sponsor for a UAE family visa?
As a male resident in Dubai, you can sponsor your wife, sons (up to 18 years old or students above 18), unmarried daughters, parents, and stepchildren (with a NOC from their biological parents) for a family visa in the UAE. Virtual Pro will guide you through the specific requirements and eligibility criteria for each family member. For further assistance and personalized guidance, contact Virtual Pro today. Let us be your reliable partner in reuniting your family and fulfilling your dreams in the UAE.